Face Grains Maca Glow

  • Our Maca Glow facial cleansing grains are a miracle product for those who crave soft, healthy, acne-free, perfectly smooth skin. The powdered root of Maca is renowned as one of the best natural ingredients around for boosting energy, balancing the skin’s natural texture, reducing acne and skin irritation, and stimulating the production of collagen.

  • For women in particular, the benefits of Face Grains Maca Glow are even more astounding; Maca root has been proven to shrink away signs of hormonal acne while boosting facial skin restoration so that your face can stay looking youthful, beautiful, and utterly blemish-free. Our Face Grains Maca Glow powder is formulated with revitalizing ingredients like green tea, lemongrass, oats, jojoba oil, and of course, Maca powder so that you can be certain your next facial cleansing treatment will be one you’ll never forget.

  • Whole oats, white rice flour, almond meal, rhassoul clay, maca powder, green tea leaves, jojoba oil, lemongrass oil, carrot seed oil

Customer Reviews

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Macca Miracle Grains !

When this elegantly pretty mysterious jar of dry powdery grains arrived I was at first a little unsure where to begin but after an instantly answered question to the clever and supportive team at Fine Oils I was on my way
After the first somewhat messy but fun gentle scrub ,after emulsifying with some alkaline water , the magic happened!
Seriously! My much cursed pigmentation seemed magically diminished and my much improved , Thank you FineOils, complexion seemed to positively glow !
2nd gentle scrub 2 days later more of the same !!
I added a few drops of F O Harmony blend and created a mask that pushed the glowing complexion results into overdrive !
Quite possibly the best thing I have ever purchased without really knowing what it might do ! I simply trusted that this fabulous company had my best interests and knowing how much my skin just adores every single oil I have ever purchased I took the risk and I am thrilled with the results after just 4 uses !
I needed to adjust the water a little at first but you work it out as you use it as to what works for you best !
I know the generous size jar will last me a long time but I can safely say now I will be purchasing again !
Thank you

Woman with healthy skin