How to use face oils


Always apply a face oil to freshly cleansed skin. Applying an oil over skin that is not properly clean can actually seal in the dirt and bacteria which can lead to breakouts. Clean pores will allow the oil to penetrate deeper allowing the omega fatty acids and vitamins to do their work. 


Once skin is clean, apply 2-3 drops to finger tips, distribute evenly into hands by rubbing hands together and pat or press into the face and neck. Oils are best applied in a patting potion to assure they are absorbed easily into the pores and not just sitting on top of the skin. This is also best around the eye area as the skin is more delicate and prone to wrinkles from dragging and tugging over time.


Makeup artists swear by this one beauty secret. Mix a drop of oil to your liquid foundations for a smoother application and a radiant airbrushed look. If you find your matte foundations settle into fine lines your skin may be too dry. Turn any over drying formula into a hydrating formula with oils. Hydrating foundations are typically oil or water based  anyway, so by using a drop of oil you can save your pennies instead of investing in different formulas for different seasons.

Woman with healthy skin