Marula Face Oil

  • This product is great for: All skin types Solutions for: hair and nail treatment.

    Marula oil is a luxurious, ultra-hydrating and skin-soothing ingredient rich in a lavish blend of antioxidants and omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. Use marula oil on the skin, hair and nails for a smoother, softer texture and deep moisturization.

    Known for its highly-moisturizing qualities, Marula Oil is a light-texture oil that is cold-pressed from fruit seeds of Marula trees. Marula oil absorbs quickly into the skin, ensuring that your skin is soft and moisturized, rather than oily or greasy. Marula Oil offers many great benefits and a pleasant nutty aroma.

  • Pure Marula Oil – Derived from the marula tree native to Africa and Madagascar, marula oil is known as “Africa’s beauty secret.” Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, marula oil deeply nourishes and hydrates skin.

Customer Reviews

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Long lastinh

I'm sure I'll learn to use the "right" amount (I tend to over do), but in the meantime this is a great oil. My skin looks smooth and glowy. I usually add a little to my cheek bone area because I'm dry there and it really helps to diminish my lines. I use it on my face and neck daily. I like it so far.


The first Marula Oil i tried was Drunk elephant. It was light and quickly absorbed and my face fell in love instantly. I then tried Acura and found it greasy. I tried the ordinary but it seemed to just on top of my skin. Then I saw this on Instagram. I thought about buying it and finally decided one day to just do it, and I’m so glad I did! This is better than Drunk Elephants! It has such a velvety finish and is somehow more moisturizing! Take a chance - this is incredibly high quality, cold pressed marula oil.

Marula oil is divine !

Solid gold magical elixir
Makes your skin silky smooth and glowing
Clears anything and revitalises dull tired skin instantly
I never intend to be without this treasure !
Best oils in the world
Nicest people too !


I like to mix this in with other moisturizers if I need something super hydrating.

a firm believer

This is seriously just as good as the Drunk Elephant brand. I was using that one for over a year before switching to this and I will continue to buy this brand.

Woman with healthy skin