After a cold, dry winter, your skin could probably use a much-needed rejuvenation, and what better way to do that than to treat it to a refreshing natural face oil? No matter your skin type, anyone can benefit from adding a face oil or two to their regular skincare routine in the spring and summer to help ward off sun damage and maintain smooth, radiant skin all year long.

The Perfect Solution for Oily Skin

Many people have come to believe that face oils only work for dry skin types. This, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, natural face oils can actually help to keep your skin’s sebum levels balanced so that it doesn’t produce too much, which could lead to clogged pores, breakouts, or a greasy appearance.

Because many of us tend to get a bit oilier in warmer weather, a super lightweight face oil like Harmony Skin Balancing Face Oil can make an excellent addition to your spring and summer routines. The natural oils contained in Harmony, which include grapeseed, rosehip, maracuja, and others, have been specifically selected for oily skin types thanks to their lightweight and non-comedogenic qualities.

Keep in mind, too, that all you need is one or two drops of Harmony or other face oils to reap their many benefits. Because of this, many people prefer to lightly hydrate and nourish their skin with natural face oils rather than slathering on a thick moisturizer that can leave behind a heavy residue.

Antioxidant Protection

As many people now know, the sun’s UV rays can wreak havoc on our skin, causing sunspots and other signs of aging. According to a research study published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, an astounding 80 percent of the visible signs of skin aging are caused by sun exposure.

In order to combat the effects of UV rays on your skin, which often lead to discoloration and premature lines and wrinkles, you can arm your skin with a powerful blend of antioxidants, such as those found in our Super Antioxidant Face Oil. This is a great choice for anyone who needs a little help with sun damage or redness.

Super Antioxidant contains a blend of seven gentle, yet effective face oils that have been shown to offer excellent antioxidant protection against free radicals caused by the sun’s UV rays. Sea buckthorn, also called sea berry, is one of the world’s richest sources of natural antioxidants, making this oil a hugely beneficial skincare ingredient. Other natural face oils contained in Super Antioxidant include baobab, marula, and pomegranate.

The Bottom Line

Don’t ditch your skincare routine just because the weather is warmer. Redness and sun damage are common problems for many skin types during sunnier, hotter months, so be sure to choose products that will help to calm and soothe your skin without causing irritation.

If you’re looking for a lightweight formula perfect for oily skin, give Harmony a try. For those with sensitive, sun-damaged skin, Super Antioxidant is the way to go.

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