Ah, glorious winter time is here again. Crisp air, crackling fireplaces, cozy blankets and hot cocoa. By the time the brisk weather comes around, most of us are all too eager to toss away the muted makeup and show off some sultry red lipstick, swap out the sandals for boots, and feel the softness of a yummy cashmere sweater. But then we are soon reminded that the cooler temperature and relentless use of indoor heaters brings on the dry, cracked skin that doesn’t make us feel so pretty. Even skin that behaves well in warmer months can feel parched with accompanying red patches. Skin seems to swallow up moisture like a frozen margarita in summer.

Oils to the rescue

Face oils are nothing new. Cleopatra and other great beauties of antiquity indulged in beauty rituals that included the most precious of oils. Only in the last few years have consumers rediscovered the regenerating benefits of natural and essential oils. Whether used alone to augment your nighttime skincare regimen or added to your favorite non-SPF moisture or foundation for added benefits, the nurturing properties of facial oils can save skin from dehydration and keep skin supple and smooth.

Won’t my skin feel greasy?

Nope. Good oils glide on and absorb like a second skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and more comfortable almost instantaneously. Grapeseed oil is especially good for oily-prone skin.

Besides hydration, will I get other skincare benefits?

Absolutely. Plant oils are a tremendous source of antioxidants. That means they help neutralize environmental aggressors and UV damage. For example, Rosehip is rich in vitamin C which assists with skin tone and brightening, while Frankincense supports structure making it especially good for mature skin. Other oils are concentrated with Vitamin E and omega fatty acids that provide skin with vital nourishment. Some oils can even assist with reducing ruddiness and uneven skin tone.

There is a shoe for every foot, a lid for every pot, and a great oil for every skin type.

Woman with healthy skin