4 Reasons Why Elyse Dufour, Star of Hit TV Series The Walking Dead, Loves Our All-Natural Face Oils

On AMC TV’s hit TV series, The Walking Dead, the talented and stunning actress Elyse Dufour plays Frankie, wife to the show’s antagonist, Negan. Along with a thriving TV and film career and a talent for music composition, Elyse’s natural glow and adoration of high-end skin care products make her quite the beauty and skin care expert as well.

Elyse recently tried out three of our top face oils, the Super Antioxidant Nourishing Face Oil, our Youthful Hydration Age-Defying Face Oil, and the Detox & Brightening Night Treatment Face Oil, then documented her experiences with each oil on camera so all her fans can see just how well our all-natural, organic, cruelty free face oils work for her skin and why.

Our Oils Are Cruelty Free

One reason so many influential celebrities and TV stars like Elyse Dufour have flocked to our high-end face oils is because our skin care products are all 100 percent cruelty free. We value our product users’ peace of mind, and one of the best ways to get peace of mind when using a skin care product is by knowing that our stellar face oils have never been tested on innocent animals. Both Leaping Bunny and PETA, two organizations devoted to campaigning in favor of animal rights.

Our Oils Are Luxurious and Sophisticated

If you’re going to put your faith in a new face oil product, you’ll want to be certain that your skin care experience is as luxurious and indulgent as possible. Things as miniscule as the way your face oil dropper functions and the packaging your face oil arrives in can have a larger impact on your product usage experience than you may think. When Elyse first tried out our Youthful Hydration, Super Antioxidant, and Detox oils, she immediately noticed that the oils came in packaging that was sleek, sophisticated, and incredibly easy to use.

Our Oils Are Organic and All-Natural

Most face oils on the market aren’t actually all that great for your skin. Chemicals, preservatives, and artificial fragrances are typically found in most face oils available for purchase, but luckily, ours are different. Hollywood actresses like Elyse know that your skin’s health and radiance are of the utmost importance, and can have a tremendously positive impact on your self-confidence. By using our face oils, you are ensuring that your skin is exposed to only the purest, freshest ingredients of the highest quality.

Our Oils Have a Multitude of Benefits

As stated earlier, Elyse tried out three of our best face oils, Super Antioxidant, Youthful Hydration, and Detox. Read on to learn the benefits of using each, so your skin can look just as radiant and pure as Elyse’s does!

  • Super Antioxidant: This powerful face oil rejuvenates the skin, reduces redness, soothes irritated skin, and masks and repairs wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Youthful Hydration: This face oil makes skin look and feel hydrated, evens out skin tones, erases fine lines, and increases skin’s overall elasticity and radiance.
  • Detox: This face oil detoxifies and brightens the skin overnight by eliminating toxins and purifying the skin.

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