Face Oils Breakdown

Face oils are a great way to hydrate and nourish the skin. Oils have been used for centuries for hydration, beautifying, and balancing all skin types, providing key nutrients that support skin health. A common misconception about oils is that they can’t be used for all skin types, and should only be used for the driest of skins, but there truly is a facial oil for everyone! Let’s break it down to help you find the perfect facial oil for your skin’s needs.

Oils benefit every skin type by providing the skin with the fatty acids needed to balance out our acid mantle, or the outer layer of the epidermis, which protects the deeper layers of the skin from environmental damage and microbial invasion. In addition to hydration, oils strengthen the skin barrier to minimize visible signs of aging, dark spots, and even breakouts!

The type and consistency of your oil should be based on your skin type. Heavier, more nourishing oils should be reserved for dryer skins- think argan, rosehip, and camellia oils. These oils provide tons of hydration in addition to key antioxidant vitamins C & E as well as fatty acids to keep skin looking plump and youthful. Our Youthful Hydration Face Oil is a great choice for those looking for this type of oil.

If you’re looking for an anti-aging powerhouse that also helps with dryness, try the Argan Multitasking Oil! This luxurious argan oil nourishes and protects with the same fatty acids and vitamins as the Youthful Hydration Age Defying Oil, but can also be used to hydrate hair, nails and body, or on a blending sponge to aid in seamless makeup application.

For those more on the combination/oily spectrum, there are definite benefits to using an oil, it just depends on the type you choose. Lighter weight oils with clarifying properties are the best bet for those whose complexions lean more toward oily. The Harmony Skin Balancing Face Oil is a top choice for those with oily to combo skin. Featuring grapeseed, evening primrose, and maracuja, this ultra-brightening oil is fast-absorbing, light, and provides tons of key antioxidants, namely vitamins A, C, and E and nutrients to boost the luminosity and health of oily/combo skin types without causing overproduction of oil.

For those who are oily/combo and looking for a new addition to their night time skincare regimen, the Detox & Brightening Night Treatment is a fantastic option! With jojoba, sunflower, rosehip, geranium, and sandalwood, you get loads of brightening antioxidant benefit bolstered by the addition of jojoba, an oil incredibly similar in weight and consistency to your skin’s natural sebum. This helps the oil absorb quickly to hydrate without the weight. Your skin will appear nourished, vibrant, and balanced without turning into a slippery oil spill.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our selection to find the perfect oil for you!

Woman with healthy skin