Compare Natural Face Oils to Non-Pure Face Oils

When beauty product consumers first make the decision to step into the vast and wonderful world of face oils, they often find themselves overwhelmed with the large number of products available for purchase. Every up and coming skin care business claims to have the best face oils around, however, when you truly take the time to locate and research various companies’ top facial oils, you’ll discover that not all skin care products are created equal.

Some low-quality face oils are advertised as being innovative, nourishing, and hydrating. However, upon closer inspection, many of these so-called “miracle” products contain harsh chemicals, parabens, and other unnatural ingredients that can cause long term damage to the skin.
A true natural face oil should be luxurious, clean, light, and pure. Just because certain brands of face oils are greasy, lackluster, drying, and harsh on skin, that doesn’t mean finding the perfect all-natural face oil is impossible. Read on to learn our recommendations for the best natural face oils around, and tips on how to tell the phonies from the real thing so that your skin stays radiant, healthy, and glowing.

Combat Free Radical Damage

In simplest terms, free radical damage is a type of aging that occurs due to cell damage caused by oxidation, pollutants in the atmosphere, and harsh, damaging pesticides and chemicals. Beauty brands like FARSÁLI claim their Unicorn Essence serum is the perfect product to prime and protect the skin from free radical damage, however, it contains ingredients like Phenoxyethanol, a harsh, synthetic carcinogen, and Citrus Paradisi, an oil that is infamous for heightening the skin’s photosensitivity and therefore increasing one’s likelihood of getting a sunburn.

Fortunately, our Super Antioxidant Nourishing Face Oil contains pure, nourishing antioxidants like Pomegranate and Marula, which combat facial aging and gently nourish and rejuvenate skin affected by radical damage in a more natural, subtle fashion.

Moisturize and Prep for Beauty

Before applying a full face of makeup, many women like to use a face oil as a natural alternative to a traditional makeup primer because they are fast-drying, light, and deeply moisturizing. Another one of FARSÁLI’s products, the Rose Gold Elixir, has been renowned amongst makeup lovers everywhere for its light, quick-drying formula. However, the Rose Gold Elixir contains some less-than-stellar ingredients that stick out like a sore thumb: Cymbopogon Flexuosus and Citrus Aurantium Dulcis oil. As mentioned earlier, citrus oils are highly phototoxic. This makes the Rose Gold Elixir a poor choice of facial oil for those who spend ample amounts of time outside or enjoy being in the sun. As a safer alternative, consider trying out our Youthful Hydration Age-Defying Face Oil; it is moisturizing, light, and rich in natural vitamins that expertly protect and prime the skin.

Look and Feel Radiant

Tatcha’s Gold Camellia Beauty Oil is advertised as being the perfect face oil to restore and maintain the skin’s radiance. The oil is marketed as being great for all skin types, even those with dry, sensitive, or combination skin, and allegedly works wonderfully for those looking to eliminate dryness. Ironically enough, this product contains alcohol and glycerin, ingredients that are known for drying out skin. In contrast, our Detox and Brightening Night Treatment renews dull skin and nourishes dry patches naturally with the help of unique, natural ingredients like Maracuja and Rosehip.

Multi-Task with Ease

The Renewal Oil by La Mer is a face oil that comes with a hefty price tag and the promise to protect and restore the hair and skin with one simple product. However, The Renewal Oil boosts a laundry list of unnatural ingredients such as synthetic yellow dyes and an artificial fragrance. However, we know that when you’re choosing a multi-tasking oil for your hair, face, and body, you’ll want it to be one that is completely free of artificial fragrances and preservatives. Our company offers three different multi-tasking oils: Argan, Maracuja, and Marula, and we can guarantee that each and every one of them is Vegan, luxurious, moisturizing, and 100% natural.

Quench Dry Skin

SK-II’s Facial Treatment Oil is allegedly one of the best products around for those who suffer from exceptionally dry skin. However, we feel that just because moisturizing dry skin is a heavy-duty job, that doesn’t mean that harsh, heavy-duty ingredients need to be used to eliminate skin dryness. The Facial Treatment Oil contains Butylene Glycol, a harsh ingredient that is derived from petroleum, and Sodium Benzoate, a heavy preservative. On the contrary, our Youthful Hydration Age-Defying Face Oil only contains ingredients that are completely natural, such as soothing Frankincense and vitamin-rich Carrot Seed.

Nourish Like Never Before

Elemis’ Facial Superfood Oil is advertised as being rich in antioxidants and excellent for those who want to give their skin a healthy, smooth, radiant glow. However, just because the Facial Superfood Oil contains some ingredients that are natural and healthy, that doesn’t mean the face oil is free of flaws. That particular oil contains Farnesol, a perfume ingredient that often triggers allergies and contact dermatitis. For a richer, more nourishing alternative, try out the Super Antioxidant Nourishing Face Oil. With ingredients like hydrating Sea Buckthorn and light Grapeseed, our face oil is perfect for those who seek a natural glow with gentle ingredients.

Lighten Up Your Load

The L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil allegedly is a lightweight, non-greasy oil that restores skin’s youthfulness and hydrates the skin. However, it contains drying, damaging ingredients like Limonene Peel Oil/Orange Peel Oil (which increases one’s likelihood of getting a sunburn) and Benzyl Alcohol, which dries out the skin and leaves it looking dull and lacking nourishment. If you’d like to use a lightweight, hydrating face oil that keeps your skin balanced, nourished, and glowing without looking greasy or weighed-down, consider using our Harmony Skin Balancing Face Oil. It contains nourishing natural ingredients like Evening Primrose, Lavender, and Kukui that will even the complexion of your skin and reduce redness in a subtle, completely natural way.

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