I’m a self-proclaimed night owl. I admit I have a hard time getting in bed by 10:00 p.m. to get a good quality 8 hours of sleep before my alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m. Who can blame me? With all the great shows I’ve DVR’d and Netflix episodes I have yet to catch up on (Hello, “Stranger Things”), it’s no wonder I find myself dragging my feet in the morning and then on to yet another long sleep deprived day.

It’s not just about getting in bed by a certain time but the quality of sleep I receive also determines how my skin will look the next day.

Did you know that your body does most of it’s healing during night time while you sleep? Skin cell regeneration is sped up and doubles at night. That’s right, your skin is literally repairing itself overnight from all of the free radical damage it was subjected to during the day.

When you consider a good nighttime skincare routine, make sure you are choosing the right products with the right active ingredients to give your skin a helping hand while it does it’s repair work.

Our Detox and Brightening Night Treatment Face Oil was formulated to give your skin the biggest boost it needs to help brighten and speed up cell regeneration.

Ingredients like maracuja and rosehip oil are packed with Vitamin C (a powerful brightening agent) and full of antioxidants to give you a brighter more radiant complexion.

Essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, geranium and carrot seed help to heal, promote circulation and promote new cell growth. Lavender oil is also added for a calming effect that will help with falling asleep.

No more packing on serums, heavy moisturizers and eye creams. Our night treatment is really all you need. Just two drops on clean skin is enough to do the same job that all of your other skincare products claim to do. You will be amazed at how much more hydrated, toned and brighter your skin will look by morning.

Woman with healthy skin