From rice paper masks to extreme blood facials, there’s a lot we’re willing to do in our quest for beautiful, flawless skin—we’re looking at you Kim K.—and this has led to a plethora of beauty products saturating the skin care market.

However, not every beauty product you see in the market proves to be effective. Yet, among the various skin products and beauty trends, face oils are one fad that we truly believe are not just another beauty trend and here’s why.

The Beauty Regime of Queens

The use of facial oils has been well documented in the annals of our history. Egyptian queens would literally bathe in perfumed oils which kept their skin beautifully scented, soft and supple. Did someone say, yaaas, queen? From the Egyptians to the Romans, Greeks and even during the Middle Ages, slathering organic almond, jojoba, tea tree and coconut oils was the perfect remedy for a number of skin ailments.

Works With Any Kind of Skin

Owing to certain factors, we all have different skin types with different needs. It’s really not Maybelline, we are born with it. Luckily, facial oil formulas are specifically formulated to meet the needs of every skin type. Grapeseed and evening primrose oil works wonders with acne prone and oily skin while argan and marula oil rejuvenates dry skin. For normal and combination skin, jojoba oil and maracuja oil are perfect to keep it healthy and happy.

Corrects Sun Damage and Skin Tone

We’ve got a love hate relationship going with the sun as we need it to survive but, it absolutely does its best to destroy our skin. Luckily, the right blend of facial oils can rejuvenate sun damaged skin and improve your skin tone as well. Keep in mind you can’t use facial oils as a replacement for sun screen. Apply them overnight to promote cell turnover when your skin does most of it's healing while you sleep.

Improves Elasticity and Reduces Wrinkles

If you’re beginning to feel your age, don’t let your skin show it. A good facial oil blend can take care of that problem by literally slapping the hands of time away. Facial oils contain vital nutrients that actively work to improve elasticity in the skin, which in turn, reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

If you look after your skin and nurture it right with facial oils, it’s going to show, so get your hands on a facial oil blend and give it a try. Check out our collection and start preserving that beautiful face that God gave you. You’re not going to be disappointed with the results.

Woman with healthy skin